Léowyn of the Jugger's cleft

 was a young shield-maiden from Rohan.She grew near Aldburg and showed primising skills with the javelin and in wrestling at an early age much to the disapproval of her father Léofen, who sent her to her aunt Breawyn of Snotorn manor in the juggler´s close.At the old widow´s home however she found understanding and fell in love with Argulf, the third son of Breawyn´s next neighbour.When Argulf was sent to Gondor as part of an embassy message reached Léowyn that he was killed by an underling out of greed for a medallion she had given to him as a token.A day later Léowyn left, following an oath to find Argulf´s murderer.


A young Rohan-girl called Léowyn also appears in the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game.Since other names from MERP as Taurnil or Fori also reappear in lotrTCG is seems enticing to see both Léowyns as one and the same person.


  • MERP Rulebook, 2nd edition, Player characters: Léowyn

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