A Kytari Woman

The Ky'taari (or Kytari) were a fisher-folk on  the icy Gulf of Ûtum in the far north of middle-Earth.They were a tall, fair people (legend said related to elves),living on the largest isle of the bay, Yalf Hurm (Land of the glass spires), and were almost the only race that had any contact with the rest of the world,as they both traveled and received traders, in a small amount but more then the others.They were descendants of the Lotani and the Chegra.

Physical Description


Ky’taari were tall and slender. Males average 170 pounds in weight, while females average 115 pounds.


Ky’taari had fair skin, blonde hair and blue or green eyes.


Ky’taari needed only 4 hours of rest per day.


Ky’taari ranged from 5'8"-6'9" in height.



The Ky'taari spoke their own language known as Kayvis or Sicam, some also knew Syrkakar or Umitic.


Religious Attitudes: As a general rule, Ky’taari followed the religious beliefs and practices characteristic of Arctic culture, although more casually.Their most beloved godess was Oriana, also highly revered was the Sun-godess Ariaana.


  • Loremaster:the Iron wind
  • Rolemaster:Races and Cultures

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