The largest island chain in the Romenëar, Kosth Lêr was comprised of nine major, and hundreds of minor, isles. Kael was located just east of the central Orocarni (Q. "Red Mountains"). The archipelago delineated the northern boundary of the Wômaw Sea (Wm. "Oweer Womaw"). To the west was the Weer Womaw, the or "Womaw Gulf," while the frigid Helkëar lay to the north.


The main Islands of Kosth Leer

Unlike Uiven to the south, Kosth Leer was surrounding by cold, shifting currents and strong north winds. It was a rugged and nearly treeless domain populated by tough Wômaw seafarers ruled by a Kharal ("King"). Tatamaac Pîvaan, the capital, housed no more than ten thousand residents.



Places of Renown


  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon

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