Kirmlesra was located to the north of the lower reaches of the Sîresha river, near the southwestern shore of the Bay of Ormal. It comprised one of the lands of Sîrayn, or "Greater Harad." Arid and hilly, it was known for its light, porous, and often alkaline soil. Few, save the hardiest of plants, enjoyed any hope of surviving in this unforgiving domain. It was not surprising that virtually all of Kirmlesra 's Apysaic-speaking residents lived on its southern fringes, in the northern Sîresha Valley. Those that resided elsewhere lived near the deep wells of the area's few oases.

The Area was comprised of two dissimilar, but equally desolate, areas, the Dalad Kirn and the Kirmlesran Hills. The least hospi- table tracts of Sirayn, their waterless and barren expanses made joumeys through Kirmlesra treacherous. Only Orcs of the desert and animals suited to this type of infertile wasteland flourished. The rain patterns of Sirayn provided little regular moisture to the area, although winter thunderstorms dropped 2-3 inches of rain in a few hours and caused dangerous flash floods. The Siresha River divided the stark hills and Desert of Kirmlesra from the more arable lands to the south. Looking north from the riverbanks, beyond the immediate strip of irrigated land, only barren mesas or uninterrupted plains met the eye. The inhospi table lands of Kirmlesra merged into the shifting sands of the Haradwaith that stretched for many leagues to Umbar in the north and to the Raj and the sea in the west.

Places of Note

Ayn Bál Charnesra Kirm Kuyu Akrep Kuyu Mavi Póan Tûl Harar Tûr Kirimar


Badlands of Kirmlesra Dalad Kirn Desert of Kirmlesra Kirmlesran Hills Sîresha river Vales


  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon

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