The Last Bridge

The Inn at the Last Bridge was the last Inn between Breeland, the Forsaken Lands and the Trollshaws. In TA 1650 It was run and owned by the Grumm family.The regulars are mostly rugged local Hillmen of Rhudaur such as the farmer Grepp but also other visitors could be met for example the traders Goldang and Falen or the minstrel Turlin who were known travelers along the Men-i-Naugrim.

The Last Bridge in later Times

The Inn at the Last Bridge seems to have been abandoned or destroyed by the late third Age, only a few ruins and a small campsite reminded that there had once been a small settlement near the Iant Methed.

Characters of Note

Bannie Grumm Bura Grumm Falen Gleefa Grumm Goldang Grepp Leddon Grumm Minna Grumm Puil Grumm Rubb Grumm Turlin


  • MERP Rulebook 2nd Edition, introductionary adventure

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