Kres Lugal (Har. "Rift of Gloom", aka S. "Imlad Fuin") was a large, deep gorge through which the Upper Harnen flowed down from the Ephel Dúath.Here, the waters of the Harnen combined with those of the Ode Auchel, carrying them through the hills of the Ausk Dubat into the lowland valleys of the Harnen. An ancient road, the Rak Chelkar ran along the floor of the Kres Lugal for some fifty miles, connecting the Chelkar towns with Oud Ilaz and Korb Taskral. The gorge of the Harnen also provided a path for the Irit Núrn, the main route between the former lands of the Kingdom of Ard and Mordor. The two roads met at the ruins of Lugarlûr, hidden in the depths of the Kres Lugal, the branches of the gorge were easily defended against invaders from east or south, while the hills of the Ausk Dubat, surrounding the Kres Lugal, were not imposing, they were rugged and relatively dry, channeling merchants and armies down into the gorge. Neither the Second Age Númenóreans nor the Third Age Gondorians attempted to conquer the lands northeast of the Kres Lugal.It marked the frontier of both their empires.


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