Like Gaathgykarkan to the west, Ibav was a low, flat land located north of the Shay Bight. Much of its western reaches was covered by short, lush grasses, but the area was best known for its vast hardwood forests. Ibavin-speaking tribes lived throughout the area, which they considered their sacred homeland.



Berabilar Bleak Pass Buulmil Dhat Steppes Gulf of Ibav Gurabilar Imaldawath Karkan Lake Multana Nenyurist Pontym Mountains Salty Wetlands Shay Bight Seletor Sheshnoria Thirganay Hills Thiwara Waru Wugara

Settlements and points of interest

Dimwathbar Eratanth Gabiruru Ganaythawun Kanwalay Kheled-Zaram Lynahar Maalthawun Mayirwalay Murthuyul Muathaya Nibhikunth Perfumed Rose Thyamar Warthuyal Wugaweg Wukabaky Yangakar


  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon

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