Hyarr Fief

The Hyarr Lands were one of the westernmost old principalities, bordering the Blue March and the wilds north of the Elven March.

The Hyarr family, one of the seven Great Houses of Arthedain, had long had an interest in maintaining good relations between the Dunadan kingdom and the Elves of Lindon, with a secondary goal of preserving trade links with more southerly realms. Caramir Whitestone Hyarr, the TA 1640 Hiraratar of the house, was the wealthiest individual in the kingdom. He owned ships that ran to Gondor from both Caras Celairnen and Cardolan. His interest in Siragale was limited to the safety of these routes; Caramir otherwise saw the province as a way of dispersing the influence of House Tarma. Renadil Pirasin, the knight who controled the Hyarr fief along the River Barluin, fulfilled his lord's policy in a legalistic manner. From his hold at Rond Hyarr, he officially denounced tax-avoiders and rebels, while unofficially supporting enemies of House Tarma in the surrounding villages.


  • MERP:Arnor

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