An Ice-Elf of Luindor

The Hwendi were a people of Avari Elves.They were supposed to have  been the ancestors of both the Windan and the Hwenti. The remaining Hwendi were divided into three tribes or groups:

A few wandering Hwendi  had also entered the Forodwaith. Due to their cold northern homelands the Hwendi were also known as Frost-Elves or Ice-Elves.

Detailed description


The Hwendi were a relatively primitive Taiga-Nomad culture. They were Hunters and Gatherers who settled in small communities along river valleys or the coasts. Metalwork was largely alien to them as were buildings made of stone until they made ties to the Stiffbeard-Dwarves and befriended them.


The Hwendi were small by elvish standard, sometimes barely reaching 5'7.They had ruddy or swarthy skin of dark hue, dark or grey eyes and mostly dark brown or black hair although sometimes copper tones could be found among them.


The Hwendi had separated themselves early from the other Elves of Cuivienen, moving northwards towards the great Wild woods.Soon they split and most of them returned to the south, becoming the Hwenti, Windan, but a few of them remainen in the cold northern taiga-woods.


The Hwendi spoke an Avarin dialect called Hwendya or Luinbeth (Ice-elvish).

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