A Harfoot

The Harfoots (Éo."Haerfotas") were one of the three original tribes of the Hobbits.


The Harfoots were the smallest and shortest kindred of the hobbits growing in rare cases oabout three foot five.The Harfoots had darker, browner skin than the other tribes and never grew beards.They had the most graceful and nimble hands and feet among the Holbytlas.


The Harfoots lived in the highlands and hillsides along the foothills of the Misty Mountains and lived in holes they called smials.They were often Traders and Craftsmen and at friendly terms with the Dwarves who travelled through the High Pass and along the the Great Road.They themselves were however loathe to wanderings or adventures and preferred a settled and simple life.


The Harfoots were the most numerous of the Holbytlas of the Northern Anduin Vales.With the growing threat from the Goblins of Goblin-Gate they crossed the misty Mountains and entered Eriador a whole century before the Fallohides were about to follow them.Some of them lived in Rhudaur for a short period before they migrated to The Shire.

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