Haysend on the southern Edge of Buckland

Haysend was a small village at the southern end of Buckland. The High Hay reached the Brandywine here, running along the swamps at the mouth of the Withywindle. Beyond it, on high banks along the Brandywine, lay Breredon and Grindwall. A few Cerens from the Red Hills visited here by boat. Bucklanders from all of the three villages fished in the Withywindle swamps; they could be hired to take travelers wishing to pass into the Red Hills or the Prairie Wild downriver about twenty miles onto drier ground. The Buckland shirriffs gathered twice a week in Haysend to patrol and maintain the High Hay. Manlow Clady, the master of Clarly Hall, on the highest hill in Haysend, was Chief Shirriff of Buckland and Merry Brandybuck's chief political rival in the opening decades of the Fourth Age .


Manlow Clady Peony Burrows

Frequent Visitors: Cirband Cirlos


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