Court of a Haeranadan Petty-King

The Haeranedain (S."Far Wandering Edain") were Rhudaurians of númenorean descent, most were actually mix-blooded Tergil.

Most Rhudaurian Dúnedain belonged to one of seven greater Noble Houses of Hiri, House Amrothar, House Eldanar, House Enedil, House Melosse, House Mithlad, House Rhudainor and House Rómentir.


The Haeranedain were a bit smaller and darker than the high Dúnedain, although 6 ft for men was not uncommon.

In daily life most had adapted clothes much similar to those of the indigenious Hillmen, the Kailth, a skirt or kilt, and the Kullodoo.


The Haeranedain were ruled by Airain or petty Kings and Thengyn or hereditary Lords, the Híri.Serfdom was also common although most serfs were actually Debtslaves (Du."Wealli").


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