The Gwathló Bargemen were a tribe of eriadorians along the Borders of Cardolan and Enedhwaith.They were descendants of the Eriedain, tribes akin to the Edain that did not leave Middle-Earth at the end of the first age.The Men of the Tharbad marshlands were of this kind.

In The Lord of The Rings Books

In the Lord of the Rings Books it is stated that no men had settled dwellings so far west or within a hundred leagues of the Shire.On the other Hand it is stated in the Lord of the Rings that there lived men in or near the marshlands of Tharbad.This might either indicate that these men who lived south of the shire might have been either nomads or at least that their settlements were small, thinly populated or instable in comparison to breeland and the shire.

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