Graeme Tenderlarch

Graeme Tenderlarch was human man who had served as the current mayor who ruled Bree during the time of the Third Age.


Having Inherited some Dúnedain blood, Graeme moved into Bree at a very young age with his father. After his father's passing, Graeme lived on his own and kept his heritage a secret since he had been aware of what the enemy had been doing and that they would track down the heir of Isildur Elendilion. Before becoming mayor, Graeme enjoyed to spend every evening in the Prancing Pony which was run by the Butterbur clan. Eventually, Graeme would one day earn the title as mayor and rule for several years throughout the Third Age.When the Ruffians had been infiltrating his town, Graeme was furious and orchestrated anyone who had the strength to fend off the invaders.


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