Gorkil the Goblin


Orcish (Northern Orcish; Nalt-Gûjâb); Westron
time period
Third Age about 1300-1975

Gorkil was a king and Ashdurbuk of the orcs of the misty mountains.He resided in the ettenmoors and kept a giant scorpion as his pet.Gorkil was not of the Uruk-hai, but an unusually large and squat Goblin or Hobgoblin, just like Durburz, Groblog, Golfimbul or Ogrod who may have been of the same breed or even close kinsmen of Gorkil's (possibly descendants of Ogslap of Barad-Dur).After Gorkil's fall, Azog united the Northland Orcs under his banner and became the new Ashdurbuk.

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