The galenanca, a crocodile-like reptile with an elongated and narrow snout, it was the largest marsh predator in southern Gondor. It grew as long as 16'. Armed with two powerful weapons, its toothy jaws and long tail, the galenanca was well able to cripple prey with a single tail swipe, or suddenly emerge from below the surface of the water to seize an intended meal and drag it under. When the galenanca lay in wait in the water, only its nostrils and eyes protruded, and it could dive swiftly to escape attack. Although this reptile preferred to remain near water, it could pursue prey on land with a short, surprisingly fast, burst of speed.

A galenanca den would be dug into the earth along a river bank, with its entrance below the water's surface, sloping upward to a dry chamber with an air vent. If prey was too large to swallow whole, the reptile would drag it back to the den to devour piecemeal; thus, some treasure might accumulate in the den. The galenanca had good nocturnal and underwater vision, as well as a booming voice; its "songs" could be heard echoing across the marshland at night. Fish, waterfowl and pigs were the creature's normal diet, but it would not hesitate to supplement that with Men should the opportunity arise.

Outer Information

Middle-Earth Crocodiles or Assangar are more similar to prehistoric Crurotarsi, especially european Phytosaurs as the Belodon, Ebrachosuchus, Francosuchus, Paleorhinus, Nicrosaurus, Mystriosuchus, Mesorhinosuchus, Machaeroprosopus and Leptosuchus may be possible models but also Aetosaurs, Paratypothoraxes, Stagonolepis and Aetosaurs and Paracrocodylomorpha may be possible inspirations.


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