Gaurithoth (Arimûr)


time period
2nd Age - about TA 1650

Once a Númenórean lieutenant named Arimûr in the Second Age, Gaurithoth is now a spiritdriven by rage and hate to fulfill the goals of an evil, cunning mind. He is dedicated to the Witch-kingand his master, and bound to their service by his own choice. He seeks at all times to inflict pain and suffering upon the living, while robbing them of life, freedom, and willpower. To most mortals, the Wraith appears as a dark mist with two points of burning fire for eyes. Only the blood red cloak that dates back to his days as Arimûr and his enruned sword are present in the tangible world. In the world of shadows, he inspires greater terror. Pale flesh clings to transparent bones, and grossly extended teeth stretch his

mouth in a terrible grimace.

Gaurithoth´s Mound


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  • MERP:Rogues of the Borderlands

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