Situated north and east of the Wômaw Reach, the easternmost arm of the Orocarni (Q. "Red Mountains"), Góak (D.S:"Blessed Place") was a large, rugged peninsula. Thick hardwood forests occupied most of it's rocky coasts, while swift, chilly rivers and extremely deep lakes dominated the inland areas along the mountain flanks. Ceer Góak, a great swamp surrounding the mouth of the Góak River (Wm. "Aceer Góak"), lay in the southeasternmost corner of this ancient Wômaw homeland.

Like the rest of the old "core-lands" of Wômawas Drûs-which included Wôm Shryac, Cuivac Wômaw, and Móak -Góak was named for the tribe that first settled it's cool but temperate hills. Their tribal center at Aalk Góak on Leer Góak still served as one of the Wômaw's four capitals. Great hunters and fisherman, the Góakaw were the most revered Wômaw line.



Places of renown



  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon

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