Frogmorton and the Frogmoors

  • Type: Hobbit Village 
  • Inhabitants: 60% Harfoot, 30% Fallohide, 10% Stoor.
  • Population: 230 
  • Origin: Settled during migration to Shire, TA 1601-1610
  • Purpose: A market town for local farmers and peat cutters.

A successful community, still holding its outdoor moots on the hill south of town it's central location on the Great East Road made it an ideal spot for regional gatherings. The fyrd occasionally used the pastures outside of town for training.The Frogmorton market lay at the foot of the hill. The Floating Log Inn was the best in town, just above the flood line of the Water. The Nixies' Lease was paid with a few bags of gold sometime in the 17th century, but another installment of coins would soon be due.

Places of Note

  • Floating Log Inn
  • the Hill
  • The Frogmoot
  • Frogmorton Ferry
  • Frogmorton Market
  • Fyrd Pastures
  • Mailbox


Cleff Bolger Daylily Bolger Milo Hornblower Myrtle Oddfoot Odo Mudbottom Ponto Hopsbloom Postman Oddfoot Ruby Hollowbanks


  • MERP:the Shire