Foxrun Vale

Like Mistyde to the north and the Troth of Perilussi to the southeast , Foxrun Vale was not a safe place for mortals. The Dwarves who passed along the Whitescarp Trail on their way to Greenholm took care to stay on high ground and avoid the forest . Singing voices from Foxrun and the sounds of playful splashing in the lake suggested an Elvish presence , but the Sirannar seldom went there . Rumors could be gathered in Michel Delving concerning the valley . Samples of such include talking madratines that teased the trapper in Elvish verse and foxes that wrote message s with their claws warning of dire peril for the unwary . There were trees in the vale , it was said , that bled and screamed when struck with an ax . Another tree , when felled , contained , embedded in its heartwood , the personal effects of a logger missing these twenty years


  • MERP:the Shire
  • MERP:Arnor

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