Haven of Forlond

Second largest town in Lindon, Forlond (S. "North-haven", Q. "Forlonî") was built on broken cliffs of granite through which the Gelion-Linduin cascaded. Gleaming arcades that surmounted the central island whad been built by the Noldor in the Second Age. The population of Forlond hovered at about 10% of the population of its province; in the mid-Third Age it was about 1,500.

Only Mithlond exceeded Forlond as a settlement of the Deep-Elves, and it did not reflect their culture nearly so well. Forlond had been built before Ost-in-Edhil and was generally conservative in design, though it reflected its builderís ingenuity in small and subtle ways. Forlond was conceived to hold a population in excess to any it ever held, and thus was eerily empty. Unlike the Elves of the Grey Havens, the Noldor declined to reduce their constructions or unbuild them, though they did not build anew. Instead the homes of great High-elven lords, their families vanished from Middle-earth, were given over to Grey-elven settlers or allowed to become the homes of wild creatures. The lanes of the town were only cleared in the settled central section; outer regions were overgrown and choked with trees. Treasures of architecture, statuary and craft were allowed to become dust. Yet in the grand halls of the old city the town survived, and Elf-lamps shone in their windows by night from their high perch.


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