The Faelaan Peninsula

Faelaan was a two hundred mile long peninsula running southeastward from the eastern flank of the Orosúli. The Romenëar washed against it's northern and eastern shores, while the Yawning Bay formed it's southern boundary. Hilly and well-forested, Faelaan was a reasonably pleasant land. The mountains blocked much of the prevailing winds and a warm current insured safe sailing. It's principal river, the Ôronsîr was rich in fish and, while swift, wide and deep enough to navigate for two-score miles.

Still, the area's relative isolation and shallow, rocky soils made it unattractive for many settlers. It remained a thinly-populated region dominated by other peoples, notably the Aegaw, Argaw, Lôchans, and Ts'dan. In fact, the region's name is Wômarin and meant "Land of the Fale," for Faelaan was the ancestral home of the Fale tribes.


  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon

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