Tawarobel on the Ramluin

Placed at the foot of the Ramluin (S. "Blue-wall"), Eruimar (S."Lonely Home") sat

below the easternmost point at which the foothills became the rocky crags of the Blue Mountains. Although Eruimar was named as such for its remote locale, finding the mountain village was not especially difficult. Mere distance created its isolation rather than thick forest, a deep ravine, or even Elvish enchantments. Many a lost traveller had found his way back to safety by sighting Eruimar. The hamlet itself possessed not more than thirty-five house- holds, each a comfortable homestead surrounded by vegetable gardens outbuildings. Like Culwic, Eruimar was founded as a trading post for trappers and mountaineers. To the days of the mid-Third Age day, the village retained that role, any many a wild tale could be heard when these adventurous individuals came to visit. Although founded by the Dúnedain, the bulk of Eruimar's 150 people were of Riverman or Northman stock. This did, of course, create some difficulties with Arthedain's tax collectors. The town was sustained by a handful of local farmers and herders who came to the Lonely Home to do business. A small stream named "Laughing Brook" trickled through the midst of the community. The rivulet was one of the many tributaries that fed the Lhûn.


  • MERP:Rogues of the Borderlands

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