The Eriedain (or "Enedrim") were a group of peoples in the First Age who were akin to the Edain, especially the Beregrim - descendants of those of the House of Hador and the House of Beor. However, they did not go to Beleriand or returned to Eriador before or after the drowning of Beleriand, and therefore did not go to Númenor. The Mebion Bron contributed to the Eriedain culture.

The later Eriadorians and many of the Northrons were descendants of these tribes.


Outer information

The Eriedaic language, made up the the ICE Authors, was spoken mainly in western Middle-Earth and is loosely based on Semitic vocabulary.

Eriedain of Renown

Baragon Baragud Baran Baran II Beegor Belgor Benor Beorn Bergund Bern Bregor Gerse Gotshelm Hama Hurn Imrahil Ostoher Silwe

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