Sword types

Spear Types



ranged weapons

other weapon types

Helmet Types

See:Elven Cassar

Shield Types

See Elven Shield

Armour Types

Armies of the Feanorians

Red crested Helmets

Clad in white and gold:

Armies of Finarfin

  • coat of arms: Two emerald-eyed Serpents beneath a Crown of golden Flowers

Armies of Fingolfin

  • Blue and Golden Banners, Blue and Silver-Banners
  • High Helmets of Steel
  • Lances & Silver-white Shields
  • Silver Armour & array
  • Trumpets

Armies of Fingon

  • clad in Gold & Silver
  • Blue and Silver-Banner
  • Armed with Spear, Sword & Shield

Elves of Tol Eressea

  • Green Armour
  • Green Helms

Armies of the Vanyar

  • White Banners

Armies of Gondolin

Guardians of the seven Gates of Gondolin

Gate of Wood

  • coat of arms: no special coat of arms
  • mail
  • Swords

Gate of Stone

  • coat of arms: robed in gray

Gate of Bronze

  • red mail
  • red-bladed axes

Gate of Writhen Iron

Gate of Silver

Gate of Gold

Gate of Steel

The twelve Houses of Gondolin

House of the King

  • red-white and golden Banner
  • coat of Arms:moon, sun and the

House of the Wing

House of the Mole

House of the Swallow

  • coat of arms: sign of the Arrow-head; white, purple, dark blue and black colors
  • helmets with fans of feathers
  • Elven Bows

House of the Heavenly Arch

House of the Pillar

House of the Tower of Snow

House of the Tree

House of the Golden Flower

  • coat of arms: a rayed sun upon their shields
  • weapons covered with gold

House of the Fountain

  • Mail applied with crystal and Silver
  • very bright and pale Long swords
  • marched into battle to the playing of flutes
  • see guards of the seventh Gate of Gondolin

House of the Harp

  • coat of arms: A harp of silver shone in their blazonry upon a field of black
  • clothes with tassel of gold and silver

House of the Hammer of Wrath

  • coat of arms: the Stricken Anvil, and a hammer that smiteth sparks about it was set on their shields
  • great War hammers
  • large shields