Elorna or Gimilthâni

Elorna (Ad.: "Gimilthâni") was a low, flat coastal region located between the Belegaer and Yellow Mountains, in southwestern Middle-earth, one of the seven Lands. The Onpu Mispír formed the area's southern boundary. A haven for migratory birds and other denizens of its vast tidal wetlands, it was ill-suited to herding, farming, or other industries. Accordingly, Elorna remained the same dense, and often impenetrable wild the Elves first spoke of during the early Second Age. It´s inhabitants were the Elornans and the Gimilthânians, a people of Black Númenórean descent.




The Gimilthanians were a people of of Black Númenórean descent in the southern realm of Elorna in the Seven Lands.


Fal Carth

Fal Carth was a city in northern Zimrathâni, along the Elornan border, it was largely an Adena settlement but reknowned for some cosmopolitanism, cultural diversity and religious tolerance (not to say indulgence).




Mispír was a city in northern Zimrathâni, on the Elornan border, at the mouth of river Mispír.It was founded TA 77 and was formerly the capital of the Númenórean ‘Kingdom of Elorna’ which existed TA 606-674.


Elornan Cut Elornan Shore Elornan Wetlands Kôr Bawiba Onpu Mispír Siresham

Places of Note

Fal Carth Mispír


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