Great Sea-Eagle

The great eagles of the Blue Mountains were rarely sighted in the North, but their smaller cousins in the Ered Rhívamar could be seen soaring above the tundra. The great birds were considered sacred by the Jäämiehet, who believed the eagles to be the departed spirits of their ancestors watching over them. They would be very displeased (to the point of violence) with anyone they found harming an eagle or an eagle's nest. The Lumimiehet regarded eagles as good omens. To see an eagle just before a hunt or a journey was said to assure a safe return. The eagles themselves did not hunt Men or any other speaking people, preferring to dine on fish and seals. They made their eyries high in the Ered Rhívamar and were rarely encountered, save as far-off specks in the sky. Both the Jäämiehet and Lumimiehet told tales of eagles attacking Orcs. They regarded this as something akin to "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," and for this reason alone, no Ystävä Talven would deliberately harm an eagle.


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