Hills of Scary

Dwaling Bank was a Streamside village with access to the Brandywine by way of a stream and trail through a swamp . Other trails led inland to Scary and the Greenfields Trace , making this a relatively unguarded passage into Arthedain . Smuggling and other illegal activities , however, were kept quiet . The Rivermen of Dwaling Bank made their official living baking charcoal , minding their manners because an Elvish community lay only a few miles to the northwest .In the later years of Arthedain, Men who were pushed out of the mines on the southern side of the Hills of Scary settled in Dwaling. After the fall of the kingdom, a very small war resolved the question of who ruled the westbank of the Brandywine in favor of the Shire-folk.Dwaling became a peaceful Hobbit village, a stopover for the more mild-mannered sort of Northlander and a base for Hobbit river traffic to Rood.


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