Dolwich in the Southfarthing

Dolwich was a small village in Tookland.It was situated on a southern spur of the Green Hills, to sell lumber and granite to anyone in the South- or Westfarthing.When Lotho Sackville-Baggins ruffians arrived in Whitwell and Dolwich in T.A. 3019, the local Tooks retreated into the woods and summoned help from the Thain.Ruffian patrols were driven back by showers of arrows when they attempted to scout towards Tookbank, and only the threat of hostage-taking in the occupied villages prevented a general Tookish counterattack.Thain Paladin Took II, caught off guard by the invasion, was drilling his militia and preparing for a full scale, simultaneous attack against Whitwell, Dolwich, Waymeet, and Hobbiton.Only the quick collapse of Sharkey's regime prevented a large and bloodier war from breaking out along the Redway that autumn.


  • MERP:The Shire

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