Desdursyton (D.S."Plain of the Steppe-Children") lay along the southeastern shores of the Gulf of Ûtum, just above the mouth of the mighty Talathrant. It was heavily wooded and occupied a traditionally strategic spot in north-central Middle-earth. It was best known, though, as the home of the Táratalamëar, a great mere situated atop the Táraparsa, Endor's largest butte. The Desdursyr -a fierce, Tyran-speaking people, considered the Táratalamëar (which they called "Gerlkûneshe," the "Spirit-mere") their spiritual centre.


Banadar Gerlkûneshe Táraparsa U-Lyshak


Baraz-lagil Baruzdazar Baruzkhizdîn Dwarf-holds of the Stiffbeards Jedzka Nargubraz Pûrepûrla Umata Zinawar (Caladost, Belrondas)


  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon

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