Little Delving

  • Type: Hobbit Village 
  • Inhabitants: 50% Harfoot, 25% Stoor, 25% Fallohide
  • Population: 120 
  • Origin: Settled during the migration of Hobbits to the Shire, TA 1601-1610 
  • Purpose: Agricultural community 

Located on the White Downs, Little Delving has a greater preponderence of smials, the traditional Hobbit dwelling, than some lowland settlements where tunnels are not practical.


This village was originally called Delving Gap or just Delving by the local Arthadan flint cutters . The White Downs were breached here by the Men Lindon , the ancient trail connecting Caras Celairnen to the Great East Road . The Downland Trail , running from the Redway at Sackville north through Michel Delving , rejoined the main caravan route at the Gap . The bluffs around the Delvers' Gap were dotted with old flint diggings .

Little Delving in TA 1640

The Harfoot Degwell clan and the Fallohide Mindlys purchased the rights to a number of worn out holes around T.A. 1603 and converted the minto smials . The ´Sheffwens , pony breeders from Kesfeld in Hollin , arrived ten years earlier , noting that Little Delving was almost half way between competing stable-yards at the Cartas and Sarn Ford . With the Sheffwens and the sale of provisions providing dependable cash income , the Hobbit settlement was doing quite well. The flint-cutters cared less about the immigrants than did men in some of the other villages of Siragale . For one thing , the Hobbit farmers provided much more and better food than the miners had seen in the past. The Delver's Inn , run by Tunny Degwell , had the best beer and mutton on this section of the road . Leovigild "Loaf" Buthuila , a giant , somewhat simple Northman , was Tunny's old and dear friend . He kept s order at the inn with a ham-sized fist and, occasionally, with a giant club cut from a slightly trimmed oaken ox-yoke .

Places of Note

  • The Bluffs
  • Delver's Gap
  • Delver's Inn
  • Flint Cutters Guild Hall
  • Mailbox
  • Milestone
  • Mindly Smials
  • Old Flint Diggings
  • Postman Newbuck's Home
  • Sheffwen Yards


mid-Third-Age: Leovigild "Loaf" Buthuila Tunny Degwell

late Third Age: Alf Goodcliff Mundo Sackville-Baggins Postman Newbuck Wydo Boffin


  • MERP:the Shire
  • LOTRO:The Shire, Little Delving

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