Deephallow and surrounding Lands

Deephallow was a Hobbit (originally riverman) settlement in the Marish.

TA 1640

Southernmost of the Riverman settlements in the Marish,Deephallow is run by Thuidimer Stormroarer , the "strongest and greatest warrior in this reach". He is also , sadly , a smuggler and a great bully . Thuidimer lives on a dry hill rising from the marshes, a mile north of the mouth of the Shirebourne , in an old Arthadan estate house built centuries ago for no reason anyone has been able to discern . The building's name , Deephallow House , suggests that some sort of religious or magical purpose lay behind its construction , but only the manor's stones know the truth . Thuidimer speaks to the house occasionally , a habit that startles his family and servants , but noone beside the master of the house ever hears it answer. From Deephallow , Thuidimer runs honest trade from Sarn Ford to the Twilight Hills , while selling banned herbs in Rood and banned weapons to the Pendle and Durkin clans to the west . Prince Minastir , who declared weapon bans in the Southfarthing to prevent tensions between Man and Hobbit from turning into massacres , has only begun to seriously investigate matters in Flynettle . The task is difficult ; Thuidimer is cunning and his Riverman henchmen fiercely loyal . Most of Thuidimer' clan, the Ottertail , live in raised huts that flood out every spring . Slightly farther up the Shirebourne , the ground is marginally less boggy and Stoors have settled in . The Ottertail resent this , because they have long been prevented from moving up the "Elf Stream " by the Siranna Lord Sularin . The Elves seldom appear along the river anymore , and Rivermen fear of the misdwindling. Sooner or later , the Ottertail may take what they think is their due .

after TA 3019

Deephallow is a riverside village, tame under Hobbit rule, but still visited regularly by Rivermen. After the ban of King Elessar in F.A.6, non-Hobbits were obliged to conduct their business onboard boats. The mystery of Deephallow House itself, the haunted ruin at the edge of the diked and drained area around the village , was never solved, at least publicly. Hobbits gave up living at Deephallow House after a strange incident in the 26th century of the Third Age. Both Hobbits and other beings were involved, including a nasty group of scaled and fanged individuals wearing Riverman rags and beads. The rumor that a staircase hidden in the ruins led to a treasure room buried under the swamp had never been substantiated, nor had the story about how the ruined house still occasionally spoke tempting words to passersby.


  • MERP:the Shire

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