Dagorlad and the dead Marshes

A vast plain lay outside the gates of Mordor. The greatest battle of the Second Age was fought at Dagorlad between the forces of Sauron and the Last Alliance of Elves and Men in S.A. 3434. There were heavy losses on both sides, but the armies of Elendil and Gil-galad eventually forced their way into Mordor, guaranteeing the fall of Sauron. Dagorlad remained a grey, treeless field which preserved the memory of those who died there. No Gondorian general's education was complete without at least one trip to Dagorlad.

Settlements and places of Interest

1650: Caras Gwindor Eithel Celebrin Haudh-en-Ohtarrin Morin Sarnen Thuringwath (Thuringwathost) Tel Belarin Tel Verenaer Tir Ingon Tir Nimmen Tir Nindor Tol Malbor

3019: Hightower Malgalad


Men: About 1650:Angbor Barakat Belegorn Bergil Bregor Brelam Brilwen Camallin Cirion Damrod Derufin Dirkal Envir Gwindor Handir Hunthor Kellir Kerit Mablung Mallin Mirrin Miruimor Rincar Shabun Shanva Sulimith Tarbeth Turgarin Turin Tuva Wiliaruk Wiliatan Wiliazen

About 3019:Beredu Vorondur

Elves:Gilglin Nendol

Undead:Feagwath Gulwathdel


Curulot Daynet Grabwort Mudbean Pangwood Red Willow Water Hemlock


Beavers Black Bears Black Mink Dagorlad Goats Deer Feral Dogs Fish Fishing Cats Flies Frogs Gorcrows Green-winged crows Grouse Leeches Marsh adders Mosquitos Newts Ninevets Pied Swans Redlegged Hawks scrawny hares Songbirds Snails Turtles Waterfowl Wild Boars


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