Culwic, originally established as Himtil or Himobel (S. "Chill village") and known as Colwich in the later Third Age, was a small town in western Arthedain.It lay just north of the bounds of Dor Lelvin and Lindon on the Little Lune. It consisted of 400 Men and some Dwarves. Its industry and agriculture was mostly devoted to supporting Dwarven settlements to the north.

Culwic in TA 1650

One of the larger towns in Numeriador, Culwic possessed a population just under 400. It was home to the famous Two Waters, an inn of some reknown. Located between the junction of the Malhir (S. "Golden-stream") and the Celebril (S. "Silver-brilliance"), the community was more peaceful than most. Its inhabitants were at once very conservative and quite friendly to outsiders; very little existed to upset their way of life. One of their best known visitors was an old Dwarven prospector who frequented the Two Waters.

Much of Culwic's business derived from its origin as a trading post. Trappers and hunters often stopped here to trade their wares for flour, firewood, clothing, or money. Since then, more profit had come to the town through small-scale lumber operations. A small mill was located upon the edge of the river, a quarter-mile south of the town. A substantial portion of the population was employed either felling timber or laboring at the sawmill. Upstream from the mill, an elaborate chute system had been developed in order to transport the logs downriver to the saw. The architecture and construction of the town's homes reflected the influence of the local business as well as responding to climatic conditions. Each structure was built of wood and designed with sunken first floors to retain a large amount of heat during the frigid winter months, while allowing it to breathe and cool off during Numeriador's blistering summers. Adjustable vents, awnings, shades, and sunwalls were but a few of the elements employed.

Culwic in Later Times

For a long period Culwic became known as Colwich, a small and remote village. In the late Third Age Culwic was forsaken and served as a secret outpost for the Rangers of the North.


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