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the waters of Awakening

Cuiviénen (Q. "Water of Awakening"; Av."Kuiwênêni") was once situated between the steep western flank of the Orocarni (Q. "Red Mountains") and the eastern shore of the Inland Sea of Helcar. It served as the birthplace and original homeland of the immortal Firstborn, the Elves.

The Elves, split into three groups based on the leaders who awoke them - the Minyar, the Tatyar, and the Nelyar - lived for long years in bliss beside the waters of Cuiviénen before the Vala Orome summoned them to Aman. All of the Minyar and many of the other two groups followed him, becoming the Eldar, while those remained became the Avari. Those Avari who never wandered away from Cuiviénen were called the Hisildi or Twilight-elves.

Essentially torn apart during the apocalyptic change after the Great Battle at the end of the First Age, both Cuiviénen and Helcar remained near-mythical locales. The lake of Helkanen in the land of Helcarth was believed to be the last remnant of the Waters of Awakening.

Places of Note:


Aiar Brethel Dardarien Elindis Sildalinquë Elmo Elor once Dark Elwe Enel Enelye Eöwa Gilfanon Imin Iminye Ingwe Ingye Kyalpa Lenwe Mormiresûl Morwe Nelmo Nelwe Nowe Nuin Nurwe Olwe Sepori Silwe Tanis Tareg Tata Tatie


  • The Wild Lands South and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon

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