Cleff Bolger was a Hobbit who was the founder of the Bolger clan.


A male hobbit, Cleff was known to be the additional founder of the Bolgers and served as the elected leader of the Frogmorton Hobbits. Sometime during the earlier centuries of the Third Age, Cleff had recently visited Rivemayve frequently where he wanted to negotiate disputes and deal with the village's small collection of artisans. He had also found the folk of Frogmorton oddly close and apathetic in the past, but over this past winter, the aura of oppression and fatalism among the villagers, the sense of some common doom , has been growing more and more intense.

When word was reached that half the dogs and cats in town had vanished, and three fishermen have drowned in the river, no one in Rivernayve seemed to care. Furthermore, Cleff decided to deal with the problem at the Frogmoot and spent most of his days carrying an unusual number of letters which he intended to deliver to Fornost. He thought that the village elders were trying to bring all four of the Rivemayve masters and their families into town for a spring "festival of conclusion" whatever that might be. Curiously, none of the elders seemed interested in contracting for work or supplies beyond the date of the summer solstice. Cleff had sent out messages in various directions, trying to locate Gandalf the Grey, but none could say whether the wizard was here at Frogmorton in time to be of any use.


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