The Cardolandren March

Cardolandren March or Sarnladen was the name for the mannish-settled lands of Siragale immediately around Sarn Ford. Hobbits had moved into the area in large numbers over the past , hoping to make it part of the Shire.Stoor and Harfoot Hobbits dwelt throughout the the country between the White Downs and the Brandywine, even sending representatives to the Shire Moot and marching with the Southfarthing muster.However , this territory was never part of the original Shire Grant; authority around Sarn Ford lay with Prince Minastir Lord-Protector of Siragale and Commander of the Arthadan Army of the South. The Arthadan farmers around Iach Sarn were determined to hold their ground against the immigrants. Because there were more Men living here than anywhere else in Siragale, they likely succeeded.


Dell Brook Fall Brook Fayne Harwood Muddling Fens Red Downs Reedly Sandy Brook Southern Marshes Southfarthing Downs Springbrook Troth of Perilussi


Cottonbottom Harcot Hawkswell Peaceful Tower Sarn Ford Stonehill Swanlynn Wibbleham


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  • MERP:the Shire

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