The Caleneithel (S."Greenwell") was one of the many streams that flew year-round from out of the Pinnath Gelin into Belfalas Bay. The Caleneithel, however, was unique in that its course ran through Dor-in-Edhil, watering the sacred grove of Eryn Laegol and emptying into the Morthond-Ringló estuary at Edhellond. Although the Caleneithel was deep enough to accommodate the light boats which the Silvan Elves used for crossing the stream, the bridge of Iant-in-Eilph near its confluence with the Morthond-Ringló prevented any rivercraft from passing up its course. Several swans - servants of Ulmo and friends of the Falathrim - inhabited the lower reaches of the Caleneithel, and could often be seen plying its placid waters. Between Iant-in-Eilph and the Rathon Gondor, no bridge or ford crossed the stream's path.


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