Breredon and Grindwall in the Withywindle Marshes

Breredon was a hamlet on a rise of ground—its name derived from "Briar Hill" in the old Eriadoran tongue—in the angle between the Withywindle and the Brandywine. The High Hay did not reach this far south, because the most of the ground south of Haysend was too swampy to support it. Breredon had its own wall to keep out the "bogies " of the Old Forest. A lane led along a causeway from Haysend to Breredon to Grindwall. The Breredon Ferry took carts and other traffic across the Brandywine to the Mithe Steps south of Deephallow. Like the ferry at Bucklebury, the Breredon ferry was docked on the east bank at night.


  • MERP:The Shire

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