Brôd and Tâna

Like neighboring Tâna, Brôd (Originally Brôdan,D.S."Hill-Land") was an inland realm situated near the southeastern shores of Endor. The Orosúli (Q. "Mountains of the Wind") rise to the west, while the rivers Kirmóas, Runk, and Breacna served as the area's northern, southern, and eastern, boundaries (respectively). Since the Runk and Kirmóas served the two principal tributaries to the mighy Ams Breacna-which empties into the sea less than a hundred miles downstream from the Kirmóas Junction-virtually all of Brôd was connected by a riverine highway.

Brôdim culture combined the indigenous Braric traditions with influences from nearby Wôl and Lôchas. Wôlim and Brôdim peoples shared a common language and social organization, and Brâric political structure mirrored that found among the Lôchans.

Sôgôl, Runk, and Brôd constituted Brôd's three urban centers. Situated on the southern bank of the Kirmóas in the northwest, Sôgôl commanded the great pass through the Orosúli known as the Wind Gates. It was the largest and wealthiest of the three towns. Brôd, which stood in the central hills, was home to only eight thousand people; however, it served as both the political and spiritual center for all the Brôdim. The westernmost of the trio, Runk, was a little larger than Brôd; and, like Sôgôl, was a major river port. Located by the Runk Plunge, a waterfall where the Runk became unnavigable, it commanded the only bridge across the river.

A plain white orb served as the Braric symbol. The orb punctuated Brôd's Lôchan-derived flag, which employed a four-color field. Divided diagonally, the rectangular field represents the four cardinal directions. Red denoted the East, green the South, purple the West, and blue the North.


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