Blarm ("Talk") was the Name of the Hillmen language.It was sometimes represented by modified (middle) welsh or modified scottish gaelic.

Placenames in MERP

A number of placenames in MERP are taken from welsh and therefore thought to be derived from the Blarm or Dunael language, for example:

The use of Welsh however is inconsistent within the MERP publications.Several Words of the Hillman-Tongue, as the Titles Targ or Targ-Arm, the ancient name of the Hillmen, Ne Dreubhan (from "Noi Treubhan") are actually based on gaelic.

The Hillmen Language in Lotro

In Lord of the Rings Online, the language of the Hillmen and Angmarim is represented by scottish gaelic instead of middle welsh.In MERP sometimes gaelic and scots gaelic were used to represent breeish and Dunael.

Blarm Wordlist

Acrosma - (acras, "hunger"?)
Ail-Leagan - other laying? Stone-laying?
Bâna-Flâhês - Elves, white furies (bán flaith, white princes?)
Benhuis -
Bhan - white
Boghain - (Bocánaig Buck-people? or Boghain, "Own Bow"?)
Broggha -
Cameth Brin -
Càrn - Hill, stone-pile
Carn-Dûm - mountain Fortress
Ceann - Head
Ceaird - Craftsman
Ceartais - justice
Cenaird (Ceannard,"Chief")
Cill - temple
Cillinn - chapel
Coille - Forest
Corcur - purple or knife-men?
Creg - (creag, "Rock, cliff"?)
Creoth - Wounded
Dachaidh - Home, dwelling
Dachaidhean - homes
Dair - maker, crafter
Dhier -
Dun - Fort, Hill
Duvardain - Cold-earth-gift?
Eiginn - Violence, Force
Famhair - Demon, Giant
Feithan - (from feith, "stay, remain"? or feitheid, "Beast of prey"?)
fian - semi-independent Warband
Ful Hiam - Berserker; traditional Warrior (fuil, "Blood"?)
Glin a-Creag - (Gleann na Creige, “Valley of the Crag”)
Glin a-Rhua - (Gleann Ruadh, “Red Valley”)
Kalth - (Kilt, "tucked together"? caille, "veil"?)
kern - Warrior
Kullodoo - (Kilt, "tucked together"? caille, "veil"?)
Maccs-Rhua -
Maes Fao -
Mag Tuira - (Magtuireadh Plain of Towers?)
Magtuma - (ma, "Hand"?)
Maighba - (maighistir, "Master"?)
Malm Bairg -
Mhor - Great
Mong-Finn - (Mongfind, "White Mane")
mùr - Host, countless Number
nasc - Ring
Noi Trevan - nine tribes
Pen-Drebi -
Pen-Hag -
Pen-Hum -
Rrogga a Barg-moigh -
Sruth Boghain - (Sruth nam Bocan “Stream of the Ghosts”)
Taigh - House
Talugdaeri -
Tanoth Brin -
Targadh -
Targadh-Arm - War-Chief
Targadh - Ruler, Hill-Chief (Targadh, "ruling, governing, assembly")
Tech - House
Torr - Tower
Trev - Tribe (Treubh)
Trev Gallorg - lowland-Tribe? Tribe of the valorous way?
Triach - (triath, "lord, chief"?)
Troichean Armchleasaiche - “Battle-expert Dwarves”
Wegech - a Witch or Conjurer (Buitseach)


  • Arnor Name Glossary, David Salo, Chris Seeman, Arden Smith; published in:Other Hands Issue 15 and 16 Supplement Arnor Name Glossary

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