Buck Hill

Buck Hill was a lone hill Buckland in which Brandy Hall , the great Brandybuck smial ,was dug.The village of Bucklebury was built along it's southern and southeastern slopes.Before the settlement of Buckland the lands surrounding the Hill had been part of the Old Forest and the hill had been known as Blackwood Hill.However its linkages to the shadow world seemed to have dwindled in the face of the sheer mortal willfulness of the new tenants.

Blackwood Hill in TA 1640

This was a long-enchanted place , a favored spot for the Wood-trolls of the Old Forest to summon powerful magics and scry places across the river. Awakened Trees avoided this hill , fearing some powerful evil said to be buried beneath it . A Riverman trading post occupied the south slopes , and folk of various sorts , including Orcs , traded here. It's owners and hirelings, going back four generations, all tended to drink heavily to deal with unsealing dreams and evil feelings. Most had, at least once a year, a nightmare about the hill tearing itself open and a deep, dreadful voice murmuring an invitation for them to walk into the black depths of the crevice so formed. One of the things the Orcs of Cardolan and the Wood-goblins of the Old Forest traded for was living sacrifices. The Blackwood Hill settlement was a demordized one, and every so often one of its Riverman inhabitants succumbed to temptation and a kidnapping occured in the Shire.


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