Ruins of Bar Irlossiel

Barad Perilussi, commonly known as the Silent Castle was an ancient elvish haven in southern

Siragale, an independent community of Silvan Elves and Arthadan religious refugees. They had pledged fealty to a Half-elven mage known as Iralussiel the Quiet. Iralussiel had died mysteriously about the eleventh of twelfth century T.A. and the haven became almost alarmingly peaceful. Few Men or Elves visited the place.

In Later Years Perilussi, lost in a forgotten corner of Eriador, eventually became a simple mannish settlement ruled by a Thegn elected by the local farmers. The Rangers of the North sent crippled warriors there when the wounded could get no other relief from their affliction. The top of the tower of the Silent Castle was barely visible from the highest points of the South Downs of the Shire. It was said to loom more largely for those with troubled hearts or chronic pain. Periodically, a Hobbit afflicted in head or heart simply disappeared into the forests—to return, if at all, years later, cured, but confused, and telling stories of fairy castles and dreams of a beautiful Elvish lady.

Unbeknownst to the Arthedain or Siranna Elves of Perilussi, Iralussiel—while dying of a magically-inflicted wound;—had imbeded her soul in the foundation stones of her tower.


  • MERP:Arnor
  • MERP:The Shire

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