Whitfurrows in the Bridgefields

Whitfurrows (Originally known as "Bankling") was a good-sized town set squarely in the midst of the best farmland in the Eastfarthing along the Great East Road.East from Whitfurrows, on either side of the Water, lay the level ground of the Bridgefields.South lay the lowland of the Yale, to the west the slightly more rolling country of the Water-vale. The Scary Pike traversed the water just north of Whitfurrows.Heavy wagons crossed the river at Budge Ford, created by years of dumping quarry tailings in the river.A fine wooden bridge just downstream took lighter carts and foot and pony traffic across to Waterbury on the north bank.Along with producing corn and flax, Whitfurrows was the meeting place for the Brow, Pen and Scroll Society, a collection of bibliophiles competitive with the Norwester Club in Tighfield and the Axbridge Alliance in the Southfarthing.The members, gentry and tradesmen who live throughout the Bridgefields and the Yale, met with some regularity at the Blushing Ivy Tavern in Whitfurrows.This meeting place gave the Society its nickname, "The Ivies" Members of the Ivies were required to learn "the High Elven Tongue", Sindarin , and to perform goodly work for the illiterate of the Shire.These customs did some good for the common Hobbits, but also gave the Ivies' well-off membership a reputation for queerness and snobbery.Regardless of their peculiaritis, the Ivies were the best source of Elvish lore in the Shire.During the reign of Lotho Sackville-Baggins and Sharkey, several of them led a resistance band in the Green Hills to keep the ruffians from troubling the Elves known to wander through the area .

Bankling in TA 1640

Bankling was a village on the southern side of a stone bridge over the Fairwater opposite to Waterbury, providing access to the Great East Road for the miners of the Hills of Scary. Bankling dated back to the days of Elendil the Tall. A crumbling, low-built keep away from the river had once been the home of an Arthadan knight. Up until TA 1625 an Arthadan reeve had dwelt here , but the Lord Protector dissolved the position after the Dark Plague and granted its supporting lands to the Shire Moot.Further Hobbit settlement in the area had left Bankling isolated.As Waterbury had outgrown it Bankling cooperated fully with the Shire Moot , since its inhabitants saw no other option.


ca. TA 1640

Ca. TA 3018/19

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