Uruk Runes used to write the Black Speech and other Orcish tongues.

Orcish was a collection of tribal dialects spoken among the Orcs. While the eldest Orcish tongues derived from the language of Angband and Melkorin of Utumno, later Orcish was largely influenced by the Black Speech of Mordor. Other tribal dialects, however, might be closer to Westron or the tongues of the Northrons, Easterlings and Haradrim.

Orcish dialects

  • Bal-gûjâb - Gorgoroth Orcish
  • Cardolandren Orcish - heavily influenced by Dunael.
  • Daumaprap - barter dialect; Westron interspersed with loanwords from the Black speech and Easterling dialects.
  • Gûjûb - Angmarean Orcish
  • Guldur Orcish - closely related to mordorian Orcish, strongly influenced by the Black Speech but with some Rhovanian influence.
  • Ice-Orcish - archaic orcish, still very close to Angbandian-Orcish and Melkian.
  • Isengard dialect - heavily influenced by Dunlandish
  • Jûgflas - Núrnean Orcish
  • Lufûsflas - War-speech
  • Mirkwood Orcish - related to both northern Orcish and Guldur Orcish.
  • Morbeth or Murmog - the Black Speech
  • Mordorin or Zîflas -Mordorean Orcish or Mordor Common Speech, Westron with elements of the Black Speech and Nûradja.
  • Mos-Gûjâb - middle-orcish or Hill-Orc-dialect.
  • Nalt-Gûjâb - high-orcish, or Mountain-Orc-dialect.
  • Nî-gûjâb - Mordor Orcish
  • Northern Orcish - degenerated Westron with Black Speech and Melkorin influences
  • Ûl-Gûjâb - low-orcish or lowland-orc dialect.

Orcish wordlist

Afûkhaush - Commander
Albai - Elves
ash - one, the one, "He" (reverent term for Sauron)
bag - rank
bag(h) - dung, feces, urine
bagronk - cesspool, dung-pit
Bol - mighty, might
Bolg - wild, cruel
bolvag - curse
bûb - pig, warthog
bûbhosh - pig-guts (literally), great (informal figure of speech or phrase)
Bukra - large claw
Bûrdrasak - Orc liquor
Burgûl - shadow
Burz - black, dark, night
Burzum - darkness
Dagalush - imp, Orc child
Dog, Daug - soldier
Doraz - gate
Dorjabu - adolescent
Drartul - Sergeant
Dur - land, rule
Durb-atha - master craftsman
Durub - ruler, lord
Dush - sorcery, sorcerer
Dushgoi - Minas Morgûl
Fha, Fla - great
Fimbul - great, giant, powerful
Foshnu - imp, Child
Gajutar - hunter
Gazat - Dwarf
Ghâsh - fire
gimb - find
Gimba - finder, tracker
Glob - filth, fool
Goi - city
Gol - knowledge
Goll - shout, din
Golug - Noldor
Gong - lesser goblin
Gor, Gur - horrible
Goth - Master, Lord, Morgoth
Gothmog - voice of the Master
Gothsnaga - literally "slave lord", leader of a confederation or legion
Gottul - lieutenant
Gru - female Orc
Gûl - ghost, wraith
Gujab, Guyab - tongue, language
Gurz - death, dead
Hai - tribe, people, race
Hank - broad
Hanksar - an Orcish broad sword
Ho La! - Hi!, Hello
Hrizgthrakî - literally "pain bringer", slave overseer, slave master
Huka - squat
Hûr - master, chief
-i; -ai - Group, Plural ending (some dialects use other plural forms like Sindarin -rim)
Iarn, Jarn - iron
Kapûl - goblin
Karg-Kragor - chieftain
Kopak - an Orcish club
Korlash, Korlagz - maw, jaw
Kra, Krah - claw
Kragash - fang, tooth warrior, soldier
Kragashard - Tooth-Sabre, Tooth-Sword
Kragnif - Tooth-Knife
Krag, Kragor - fang
Kri-krisur - chieftain
Krir - slash, slasher, troop leader
Krîtar - leader, Chief
Kû - old, ancient
Kûz - Halberd
Lag - Hill, Mountain
Lak - Bow
Lob - spider
Lug - tower, fortress
Lûgât - Vampire
Lugburz - Barad-dûr
Lurg - squad, pack
mat - die
Mikog - heal, Orc medicine
mog - voice, language
Mur - black
Murdur - Mordor
Nadak - fighter
Nar - not, no
Naz - hill
Nazburz - Dol Guldur
Nazg - ring
Nif, gnif - knife, dagger, blade
Oghor-Hai - Drúedain
Olog - troll
Ong - iron
Ongushar - iron mine
Orgabu - Bodyguard
pushdug - stinking, dung-filth
ra - claw
Rim, Grim, Ri - group, troop (plural Ending)
Rog - fast, guard
Ronk - pit, hole
Ruk, Rog - demon
Rum, Rûm, Grûm - skull
Sard, Shard, Sar - sword, scimitar
Sauruk, Shauruk - literally "dread demon"; Sauron
S(h)aur - dread, terror, abhorrent
Shakhburz - Sauron
sca(r) - green
scara - green claw, wolf
Scara-Gûl - Fell Warg
Shagît - Arrow
Shara - human, man, mortal
Sharog - heal, Orc medicine
shataz - a brute
she - female
Shiruk - sergeant, captain, leaper
skai - gah! (Orcish curse; expression of anger or irritation)
Snaga - slave, lesser Orc
Srûtaru - Captain
streaull - Flintstone
Tark - Dúnadan, man of Gondor
Thrak - to bring, bringer, messenger
Thrug - murderer
Tûtûl - smith
Uglúk - murderer, killer, defeater
Ujâk, Uyâk - troop leader
ûk - all
Ûl - servant
Ûn - death
Uruk - great warrior Orc
Ushar - mine, hole
Vir - star
Warg - great wolf, wolf-demon
Yeek - a weak Lesser Orc or Snaga
Zangur - Obsidian



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