The Annúbad was one of the two Paid-i-Rendir (S. "Pilgrim Ways") that passed through the Eryn Laegol to the Elven haven of Edhellond. Breaking off from the Rathon Gondor of Anfalas, the Annúbad stroke due southwards, following the edge of the Greenmantle wood (the Eryn Laegol) until it reached the west bank of the Morthond-Ringló. From there the path followed the river southwest to the Iant-in-Eilph, where it converged with its sister trail, the Sírbad. Unlike the Sírbad, the Annúbad continued west from Edhellond along the sheltered coasts of Lond Cobas, until it reaches Tirith Cobas overlooking the Bay of Belfalas into the West.


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  • MERP:Southern Gondor - The Land

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