Amonar (S."High fire") was the youngest son of Arveleg of Arthedain.He took as his fief that lands west of the River Baranduin, and held them in the name of his brother, King Araphor, swearing an oath to avoid the kin-strife that had harmed the sons of Isildur. But there was little love between them, and Amonar honored his oath, when he chose to, late and with little support. But in the final battle, rebuked by his liege-lord, he was stirred to wild action, and he and his guard were slain by the Traitor of Rhudaur and the forces of the Witch-king. His dying words were an affirmation of his oath to the kings of Arnor for eternity. He was entombed in a cave overlooking his lands.

Amonar had also been the Keeper of the shards of Narsil.


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